Linux System Administration

Linux System Management

Managing Disks and File Systems

Installing Linux

Kernel and Device Configuration

Basic Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Course Audience

This course is intended for students with some experiences in a UNIX envirnment, who require skills for administrating a Linux operating system.


Good knowledge about using a UNIX environment as covered in ''Using UNIX/Linux'' (BC-LNXUSR) or equivalent experience are recommended.

Course Description

This course covers the tasks that a system manager must perform to get a Linux operating system installed and ready for users. The topics include operating system installation, system setup and managing tasks, and troubleshooting problems.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Linux system management
  • Managing disks and file systems
  • System shutdown and startup
  • Installing Linux operating system
  • Connecting to the network
  • Configuring the kernel
  • Configuring peripherals
  • Managing user environment
  • Archiving
  • Monitoring the system

Course Number BW-LNXADM
Course Length 5 days
Course Price € 1.890,- + tax
Participiant Max. 8
Course Type Lecture/Lab
Schedule (Munich) on request






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