Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions here and in the Booking Form forms the entire agreement between Georg E. Schwarzwälder (in the following "I") and the customer (in the following "you") for the goods and services.

Booking a Course

You may book a course by phone, by fax, by letter, or any other way, but must be confirmed by authenticated fax or letter. After confirmation the booking is valid.

Basically I confirm the booking, as soon as the minimum amount of students has been reached. If the course is fully booked, I will try to offer you an alternate date. There is a minimum and a maximum amount of students for each course, described either in the course description or it can be asked individually.

If there is a low amount of students, which doesn't permit a oeconomic way of doing the course, or if the trainer is not available in case of illness or other circumstances, or the location is not available, I have the right to move the course date, or to move the location, or to cancel the course at latest one week before starting.

If the participant is not able to accept the new date or location, he may change the booking to another date of the same course without any fee.

I'm not liable for any claims in case of loss, caused by change of date or location or any other unpredictable events. Necessary changes of teachers or location do not allow a reduction of the course fee.

Course Content

The contents of the course is defined in the individual course description. However I have the right to accomodate the contents with the individual expectations of the participiants during the course. Also I have the right to introduce minor changes timely without official anouncement to keep the course up to date.

Course Fees

When you receive the course confirmation I will send you the invoice at latest 14 days before course starts. This must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date, latest with the starting of the course.

Travel expenses, accomodation, foods (except lunch and refreshments during course) and any other expenses are the responsibility of the participiant and not included in the course price.

Course Changes

Changing a booking is possible for the same course on a later date or a different course of the same standard and length, provided that the new date is in the time frame of 3 month of the original date. Such changes must be made at least 14 days prior the date of the original course. Later changes will be charged with the apropriated cancellation fee. At the same time the original course booking must be canceled to avoid cancelation fee. A cancelation of a changed course results in a 100% cancelation fee.

Course Cancelation

Cancelation of a booking has to be done in writing and results in a cancelation fee. The cancelation fee is calculated in percentage of the original course fee and depends on the date, the cancelation arrives at me, beginning with the starting date of the course:
  • 14 days or more: handling charge Euro 50,-
  • 1 to 13 days: 50% of the course fee
  • no show: 100% of the course fee
Instead of canceling the course the participant can send a replacement, but it is the responsibility of the original participant to find a replacement.

Course Times

Normally the first course day starts at 10:00 h and all following days at 9:00 h. The course day finishes at 17:00 h normally, unless otherwise specified. These schedule may change for different courses. Exact times can be obtained by telephone, if not specified in the course description.


After the course each participant will receive a certificate about attendance. This is not a certification or recertification like some companies will give after an examination. If its possible to make a certification in this way, it will be specified separately.

Course Language

The course language results from the language the course description has or is specified in the schedule.

The language of the course documentation results from the language of the course description is is specified in the schedule.

Original documentation will be used as it is.

Occasionally there may be exeption to this rules. In this case the participants will be informed.


All intellectual property rights in course documents, other documents, software, materials and media are vested in me or my licensors, and all such rights are reserved.

Without explicit permission it is not allowed to pass the course material, to reproduce it, or to publish it.

All electronic data, including software products, provided during course by me, is for purpose of exercise only, and may not copied or removed from the course area, neither electronically nor in any other way.

Course Prerequisites

It is the responibility of the customer to ensure that the participant meets the course prerequisites as described in the course description.


I may be held liable in cases of deliberate and gross negligence according to the law, as well as for culpable devitations from assured or guaranteed conditions of delivery for a product or service.

In any other cases I'm not held liable. In particular I'm not liable for success of participants or the specific use of the course contents in the company of the participant. Also I'm not liable or responsible for loss of data, for damage or loss of things, for costs of travel and accomodation, and for labor slack and production in case of course changes or cancelations.


Note: This "Terms and Condition" is a translation from the german "Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen". In any case of doubt please refer to the original paper.
  • Additional or deviating arrangements needs writing.
  • The ineffectualness of single regulations will not affect the validity of these Terms and Conditions.
  • The place of jurisdiction is Munich.