Using UNIX/Linux

The First Steps with UNIX

Managing Files and Directories

Using the Shell

Using the Editors

Introducing Shell Scripts

Course Audience

This course is designed for everyone who requires fundamental skill for using a UNIX operating system on user level.


Basic knowledge about computer hardware and software would be nice.

Course Description

The content of this course is suitable for almost every UNIX environment, including Linux. It describes the fundamental concepts of a UNIX operating system and prepares the students with the basic skills to become productive.

Course Content

  • Getting started with UNIX
  • Customizing the user workspace
  • File system concepts
  • Managing files and directories
  • Introducing UNIX shells
  • The vi editor
  • Redirecting, filtering and piping
  • Controlling processes
  • Using TCP/IP networks
  • Introducing shell scripts

Course Number BW-LNXUSR
Course Length 5 days
Course Price € 1.250,- + tax
Participiant Max. 8
Course Type Lecture/Lab
Schedule (Munich) on request






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