Tru64 UNIX V5 Network Administration

The TCP/IP Network Environment

TCP/IP Network Setup and Management

Configuring TCP/IP Services

Course Audience

This course is designed for students with some experience in managing a UNIX environment who will be managing a UNIX network that includes a Tru64 UNIX operating system.


Good knowledge about using a UNIX operating system as covered in ''Tru64 UNIX V5 Utilities and Commands'' (BW-TRUUSR) and managing a Tru64 UNIX operating system as covered in ''Tru64 UNIX V5 System Administration'' (BW-TRUADM) or equivalent experience is highly recommended.

Course Description

This course provides students with the training they need to use TCP/IP commands and the SysMan interface to install and manage Tru64 UNIX network configurations, including NFS, NIS, BIND, DHCP, remote installation, SNMP, and PPP.

Course Content

  • Networking overview
  • Setting up the TCP/IP network
  • Managing a TCP/IP network
  • Configuring DHCP and BOOTP Services
  • Configuring PPP services
  • Configuring the BIND service
  • Managing NTP
  • Configuring Network Information Service (NIS)
  • Managing the Network File System (NFS)
  • Configuring the Tru64 UNIX mail system
  • Configuring SNMP
  • Configuring a Web service

Course Number BW-TRUNET
Course Length 5 days
Course Price € 2.500,- + tax
Participiant Max. 8
Course Type Lecture/Lab
Schedule (Munich) on request





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